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May 28, 2005
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Two armoured guards stood either side of the entrance to the tower. They were burly men with coarse black hair, boasting the same armour as Kharadin. The dark metal glowed a dank orange in the light of the torches above them. Both guards were armed with halberds held upright as they stood, the great weapons stood a fearsome 2 metres tall next to their wielders. Both of them stared long and hard at the land before them, silent and still. Kharadin stood in front of the guards, who fell one knee before the big Xenoch.
“Rise.” Kharadin uttered. The two muscular men resumed their stances and stood silent once again. The Xenoch vice commander strolled past the men and into the tower.
He made his way through the entrance hall of Nemda Nieth. The grand passage was lined either side with towering statues of some of the greatest warriors that had ever served in the Xandathian army. Always noticeable was the absence of a memorial to arguably one of the mightiest in history - Koryk. Sordath had made sure that all traces of the treacherous warrior were forgotten.
At the very top of the tower was the throne-room. Sordath’s room was perhaps the grandest of all in the tower. Nearly every part of the room was littered with grisly trophies of the Emperor’s greatest triumphs. Vast iron spikes protruded from each wall, hanging on the ends of them were the skulls of the emperor’s fallen enemies, one such skull hung directly above Sordath’s throne, the skull of Koryk. Sordath’s throne itself was a testament to death so foul. At the ends of the arm rests lay skulls of ferocious beasts felled by his own hand, the razor sharp teeth curving round underneath the silk that lined the rests. As Kharadin approached the grand room he laid eyes on one of the most remarkable of the twisted decorations to the room. The giant doors that stood between the knight and the throne room were carved from the finest Xandathian hardwood. Hung at the centre of each door was the gargantuan skull of a Draga, the largest and most savage beasts to walk the plains of Xandathia. Few have gone face to face with the beasts and survived, but it is told that Sordath fought and killed two of the monsters and tore their skeletons from their bodies, the evidence hung before Kharadin. In each of the eye sockets a Soulstone was glimmering in the torchlight of the hallway. No-one knew where the Emperor of Xandathia had managed to get the stones or how. The cold green glow seemed to give the skulls the ability to stare deep into ones own essence.
Kharadin laid his hands on each of the doors and heaved them open. Behind the vast bone doors torchlight lit the room, vanquishing the darkness that would otherwise entomb it. At the far end, Kharadin could see that Sordath was sat on his throne, obviously waiting for the far travelled Xenoch to report to him. The Emperor of Xandathia was a great hulking man clad in thick steel armour that could have only been crafted by the finest of blacksmiths, his arms were masses of muscles scarred by decades of battling, the forearms covered by hefty spiked gauntlets. Atop Sordath’s head was a striking helmet with two large horns either side, his face largely hidden by the shadows dancing around him. Behind his throne stood two of the greatest swords ever made in Xandathia, two grand broadswords with scythe like blades that the Emperor wielded in each hand. One sword a testament to the power of the heavens and Gods, the other a testament to the dark forces that inhabit the Netherworld.
Sordath was a fearsome fighter and for over a century had ruled over his kingdom with an iron fist. Only the mightiest of warriors throughout the world ever dared to challenge the Emperor, and to the present day he has obliterated all that stood in his way. Many intellectuals and sceptics around Xandathia have prophesised the fall of Sordath and the rise of a new age and have waited for the day with great eagerness. Others however fear that day for they believe that the day that the Emperor falls will bring darkness upon the world, for only a being of true terror could ever wield the power to kill Sordath.
Following his conversation with Darunte, Kharadin enters Nemda Nieth to report to Sordath. This extract follows Kharadin up to outside of the throne room.
FaluuVaud May 29, 2005  Student General Artist
:omfg: Whoa... Cool! I Have to read the next one now! :D Great job! :hug:
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